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March 10, 2010


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Steve Ross

So those who needed saving told their pawns (the US government) to save them, and so they did. Conceit or the knowledge that he and his friends are totally in charge?

Steve Ross

Or...have we really somehow convinced our friends to the north that this is a government run by the people?


Great post! Thanks.


"stunning thing is ...nothing has really changed."

This was why I rejected your investment thesis a year ago.

My long term projection was more "Argentina ... with nukes" exactly because of what you write here, rather than your "Now is the best time in generations to buy stocks and hold them for many years" which you wrote then.

Your "The reason why earnings have collapsed is because of write-offs in the financial sector." proved most insightful, and the best consideration upon which to invest.

So I thank you very much for continuing to post.

Mark G.

Banana republic with nukes

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